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Life After GW…Meet Nicole Trilivas

At Global Works, we provide kids with unbelievable trips with hopes to spark an authentic interest in travel. Recently, a GW alum reached out to let us  know how her experience with GW 16 years ago has inspired the recent course of her life.  Meet Nicole, a newly published travel author living in London who was bitten by a serious travel bug.

Tell us a bit yourself:

Hi! I’m Nicole and I’m the author the novel, Girls Who Travel. I am a writer and traveler, as well as a proud Global Works alum!Nicole Trilivas_Color REAL)

Can you tell us about your Global Works Experience? 

In 2000, I visited the Czech Republic, and it was a life-changing trip. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go abroad which such a great company during my formative years. I met the best people and got to do such great work including excavating a castle in the Czech countryside—I mean, how cool is that? It was also so amazing to be in the Czech Republic so soon after the fall of communism. One of my favorite experiences was seeing the John Lennon Wall—a seemingly normal wall covered in graffiti, but it meant so much morebecause that kind of creative expression wasn’t allowed during communism.

How did this GW travel experience affect you?

It was my first time out of the country and I learned so much about the world and myself. As this was my first “real” trip, it ignited in me an incredible wanderlust that is still present today. Cue me writing about traveling and traveling to nearly 40 countries! What are some of your favorite travel experiences? Watching the sunset in Greece; horseback riding through eucalyptus trees in Argentina; attending a five-day-long traditional wedding in India; sipping prosecco besides the Grand Canal in Venice…Oh, I could go on forever!

Why do you think travel is important?

Travel is fastest way to learn about yourself and the world. The most important thing I learned? That I have so much more to learn.

What are you up to now, 15 years after your first GW trip?

I am now living in London and writing about travel.

Tell us a bit about your novel, Girls Who Travel

Girls Who Travel is all about a free-spirited serial backpacker named Kika, who is a bit lost—but she’s lost in the right direction. Ever since she returned from her last trip, she’s been stuck in corporate America and steeped in misery, so when she’s offered a nannying job in London, she’s thrilled at the prospect. But as Kika’s about to discover, exhilarating adventures can happen when you stay in one place . . .

The GW team was really excited to hear from Nicole, and proud to be a part of her journey.  Nicole’s story proves that travel is an undeniable source of growth, adventure, and learning.  To learn more about “Girls Who Travel”, check out her website at or Amazon.

Travel On!