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Make the Most of your Time Abroad

There are so many things to do while experiencing a new country. Here are some tips to make sure you leave with no regrets. Immerse yourself in these 5 things and you will return home with an authentic travel experience!


  1. Food! Comida! La Nourriture!
Photo: Market in Barecelona, Spain 

With restaurants everywhere, which one do you choose? The best way to discover the most delicious food abroad is to go where the locals go! Don’t be dissuaded by the aesthetic of the restaurant, its about the authenticity and flavor of the food.

Hit the local market! Markets give you a first hand look at the culture and lets you observe the sights and smells of all things food!


2. Music

Photo: A Dance Class in Costa Rica

Music is a common link of expression throughout the entire world.  Expose yourself to sounds and rhythms popular to where you are traveling. When you are out and about, keep your ears attuned to music spilling out onto the streets.

Another great way to learn more about local music is to take a dance class! Get your body moving to the sweet rhythms of the local music. Research ahead of time to see what’s available where you’re traveling. Tip: Check out this Spotify Account for music from around the world!


3. Journals, Photos & Videos

Photo: A Summer in France

The best and most economical souvenirs are the ones you create yourself, memories!  Take tons of photos and videos so your travel experience can live on even when you have returned home. Spend time journaling your favorite moments, big and small! Tip: check out this Instagram for travel photo inspiration!


4. Go Outside

Photo: Students in New Zealand

Whether it’s a long hike, a walk on the beach, or a stroll in the park, experience the sights and smells of the country you are exploring! Pay attention to how the flowers and trees might be different from what you are used to seeing everyday.  Notice how the air may feel different from the air you are use to breathing. Not only is going outside a great way to get to know the location you are in – it can also lead to great people watching!


5. Have an open mind

Photo:  Students Working together in Peru

From language and food to culture and customs, everything will be a little different from home. While it can be overwhelming, remember to keep your mind open to all the new experiences. After all, it is the differences among places that make them worth seeing and beautifully unique!


There is so much to do and explore while traveling. Take note of these five things and you will have a full experience abroad! If you don’t have a trip planned anytime soon, check out these awesome summer options!