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Meet our 2018 Ambassadors: Jasmine on Costa Rica Pre-Med & Public Health

Jasmine Schwaller is a student in 11th grade at Shining Mountain Waldorf School. At school she is actively involved in the Student Leadership Group and on the committee that plans and sets up high school events. She also volunteers to help the middle and elementary school in preparing for events. She enjoys photography, playing and learning songs on the guitar, reading books and informative magazine articles, and writing short poems and journal entries in her free time. She also works part time at a restaurant as a hostess and busser. Jasmine has a wide range of interests, including aerial arts, music, and different aspects of health and science. Her favorite classes include math, chemistry, language arts, and drawing class. Jasmine is interested in going to a collage with a Pre-Med program so she can go to medical school and become a doctor. Jasmine would benefit from going to Costa Rica because she will get to experience a third world country, while getting better at speaking Spanish, and learning many aspects of Pre-Med and medical care in the third world.  Because Jasmine is planning to study Pre-Med in college, this would be a perfect experience to see what it is really like to help people with medical processes.