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Moorestown Friends School France 2018

March 28, 2018

Today was a wonderful day! We started the day getting off the plane very tired but very excited! Some of us slept and some of us didn’t! We got our bags.. poor Tanay’s bag got lost but it will be here by the morning! We met Taylor our tour guide. She is so nice and has helped us learn so much about France already. We then went to Notre Dame. It was so pretty and big! We were all stunned! We then went to get lunch and got to explore Paris some more when we got to slit up and choose where we wanted to eat for lunch! Then we went to the louvre! We saw The Mona Lisa. It was much smaller then expected but still beautiful! we then explored the museum even more! It was so big most of us got lost! The. We got settled in out hostel. We have 3 girls in one room, 8 girls in another and then the 5 boys are in a room together! We’ve already gotten so close!! Later we had some chill time getting settled in the hostel, and then we went to dinner at the hostel. We had pasta, pizza, and salad! It was great. Now we are all gettin settled for bed. It’s been a long but very fun day!!

-Blythe and Sonia