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Prospect Hill Academy 2024 New Orleans

June 10, 2024

When we all first got here, we first ate po’boys.
“Really good and the fried shrimp was super tasty ” – JJ

Went on a swamp tour which really showed us the swamp and the bayou and saw some alligators (they are a big fan of marshmallows).

They had little houses on the sides of the water that people built themselves and can live there without paying for the land.

We gathered together at the “Tree of Life” at Audubon Park. The tree is centuries old ( at least 100- 200 years old), and we had a deep talk about ancestral roots of the culture. “Had a magical fairy vibe” -Maria

Our last stop was Frankie and Johnny’s, where we ate a dinner. Red crème soda was too good 🤪. Nicole had a sugar rush.

Home at our floating cabins in Bayou Segnette, we had a community meeting, recapped what we learned during the day and how every place we went to was important in learning about New Orleans history.

June 11, 2024

Went to Backstreet museum which was located in the oldest black neighborhood in the United States, the Treme.
We saw suits which showed the history of Native and African American culture and how they intertwined during enslavement.

After the Black Masking Indians/Mardi Gras Indians suits, we all went to Louis Armstrong park and it was HOTT! Inside were statues about jazz, a Mardi Gras suit statue and Congo Square.

Then we went to the French Quarter to look at the Hurricane Katrina exhibit at the Presbytere to learn more about the storm and then went to eat beignets.
“That was the highlight of my day” – Mr Madoian (chaperone)

We went back to our floating cabins to eat empanadas and had a guest musician teach us about African culture in New Orleans and the types of music they play from indigenous, African, Haitian, Asian, and French inspired instruments.

June 12, 2024

Cooked breakfast and ate all together. Left the cabins to relocate to another location.

Went to a garden area that keeps NOLA healthy and planted a lot of Cyprus tree saplings.

We had ice cream to celebrate the hard work at Creole Creamery, moved into our new rooms at The Quisby and went to DAT DOG 🐕 for dinner.

June 10-12: Written by Nicole, Diddlie, & Maria, Reviewed by Simon & Zavier