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St. Stephen’s St. Agnes Group #1 2022

May 4, 2022
Yesterday morning I woke up at 5:30 am. I was really excited because I love to travel but I am super scared of planes. The plane ride was pretty smooth. I finally arrived around 1 pm. We drove a long way on a really nice bus to old San Juan. On the bus we socialized and saw some some really pretty views. Then, we explored San Juan! However it was really hot but still fun and we took lots of pictures. It was really windy and I looked like a hot
mess. We looked at important historic places and learned lots of the history. The restaurant we went to was really good because we got to go to our own floor. We then drove back pretty late and i got super tired! We arrived at the Big Yellow House and we went to our rooms. It was super hot in our rooms and everyone was super sweaty and grumpy, however we finally turned on the AC and got to bed. I slept really good and woke up super energized.
-Allie C.

May 5, 2022

This was the best day by far. Except for the part where we got woken up by the roosters. We started off with breakfast then we got on a bus and took a short drive into the community where we did our service. The people we worked with were extremely nice and made us feel at home. For our work we helped cleaned some things up and move a lot of items around. My favorite part is when we did an assembly line to get the cinder blocks to the roof of the building so they could build another wall on the second floor. After a few hours of working we went to Maria’s house and she feed us some delicious food. She was really caring and loving. After we are we walked back to the bus and got to see lots of cute doggies. After all that walking we got to relax on the beach and swim in the cool blue water. It was the most beautiful thing I saw so far. After that we returned to the big yellow house, took showers then did some salsa lesson. The salsa was a little hard but after you did it for a hit it became really fun.

Renee Jenkins