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St. Stephen’s St. Agnes Puerto Rico

March 11, 2019

Hey families,
Today after leaving the airport the kids went to an authentic Puerto Rican restaurant where we had things like chicken and rice. After lunch the kids went on a tour of Old San Juan where we visited churches, souvenir shops, and more.
By Bailey

March 12, 2019

Hello Families,
Today we went to the community for our first hardworking day of service. This involved starting the base of a house by mixing concrete. Following this we walked through the community to our community leaders house, where we had a delicious home cooked meal. We then continued the service while listening to music and with the company of many cute dogs. We then journeyed back to the Big Yellow house for a quick change and headed to a local beach. The water was warm and the kids sat in the sun, collected coconuts, and played in the water. Finally, we ventured back to the Big Yellow House for dinner and group reflections.

By Julia, Charlotte, Cecily

March 13, 2019

Hey Families!
Today was our second day in the community. We moved lots of cement, learned more about Maria and Angel, and ate great food (cooked by Maria). We got to ask both Angel and Maria a lot of questions and they made sure we weren’t hesitant to ask. Although we were all excited about the service, learning about the amazing people we are helping motivates us even more! After a great day, we game back and got time on the beach which was super fun. Then, we ate and learned how to salsa dance!
By Maggie

March 14, 2019

Hey Families,
Today was our last day in the community. Angel and Maria shared emotional story’s about their experience with hurricane Maria. We then said goodbye and headed to hostel Luquillo. Later we went to the beach. Right after we made our way to the bioluminescent bay and kayaked. The view was amazing and the water was so pretty. After we came back we ate dinner, and had our final reflection of our time together.
By Spencer and Lizzie