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Gabi Murillo

Gabi was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Boulder, Colorado, USA when she was just 3 years old so that her parents could pursue their PhDs at the University of Colorado. As a kid, Gabi loved to climb trees and play with her friends that were also children of students from all over the world. Her exposure to different cultures sparked her curiosity in many ways. It motivated her to learn several languages apart from her native Spanish and English, like French and Portuguese. It also inspired her to explore dance styles from all over the world and eventually to study Geography and Economics at CU Boulder. After graduating, Gabi moved to the Netherlands to complete a masters in Economics and she has lived there ever since. Here she works as a dance and yoga teacher, volunteers at several farms and cooks weekly at a soup kitchen. Gabi is looking forward to accompanying students on these life changing trips by supporting them in practicing their Spanish and listening to their insights!