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Sadie Levy

Sadie (she/they) is thrilled to be leading more Global Works programs! Sadie has been an avid traveler from a young age, including a couple experiences as a student on similar trips to Global Works to Ecuador and Nicaragua. Currently, Sadie works as an elementary school Spanish teacher at a public school in Brooklyn, NY, as well as a full spectrum doula. She is excited to have a role in facilitating meaningful conversations this summer, enjoying delicious food in like-minded company, playing fun games together, and dancing! You can find Sadie bringing the speaker to the beach and always starting the dance party.  As a white person from the US who travels to places where the US has caused unimaginable harm, Sadie thinks a lot about her role in what she generally refers to as “the revolution” – knowing very well that her role changes as the times change; but one of those ‘forever roles’ is as an educator – Sadie will be integrating daily the truth about global anti-Blackness, US imperialism, and the damage capitalism has had domestically and internationally as a Trip Leader. Additionally, she’s a doula as of about a year ago and brings in many healing modalities into her daily life. She’s also a singer, dancer, lover of outdoor workouts, and, can’t lie, LONG WALKS ON THE BEACH! 

Where did you grow up?
Northampton, MA

Where do you call home now?
Brooklyn, NY
Year started at Global Works?
What’s something you can’t live without while you are traveling?
My journal!

What’s your favorite memory from a trip you have taken?
Last year I went to a remote lodge on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica for my birthday and it was an outrageously magical experience to feel so deeply in jungle and deeply at peace.

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?
So hard to say! Probably Havana, Cuba? or Nicaragua?
Fun fact, special talent, or favorite memory
Find me dancing at any opportunity possible!!
What do you like to do in your free time?
Artsy fartsy person – I dance, I sing, I cook, I make ceramics occasionally, I love doing HIIT cardio workouts, and attend births!
What languages do you speak?
English & Spanish
If you had to give one piece of advice or words of encouragement to someone on their first travel experience, what would it be?
Talk to strangers!!! (who your gut says are trustworthy) Ask your taxi drivers their favorite restaurants, ask people for directions, ask about the plants!