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My Trip to the Galapagos: Dominik Reflects on his Experience

My experience in the Galapagos was breathtaking, it was easily one of the best things that I’ve ever done. My group and I shared so many new experiences with the wildlife, we learned about how all the animals interact with one another and the behaviors of every species on the island. Everything we did was fun we snorkeled, hiked, and helped out all across the islands.

The whole trip was something different each day. One day we’d be on a beach and the next we’d be hiking on a volcano. We got to meet the indigenous animals such as the Galapagos tortoise and marine iguanas. We had the opportunity to go to a tortoise breeding center and saw a bunch of babies. You could see massive groups of iguanas on the street or on the beach. That trip changed my life and I will never forget the opportunity Global Works and my group gave me.