High School Medical Travel Programs

Why travel on a high school medical travel program?high school medical travel program - student taking blood pressure

Are you in high school and thinking about what to do next? Have you always been drawn towards science or helping people? The fields of Public Health and Medicine could be a perfect fit for you! This kind of work is an incredible opportunity to make a truly valuable impact on the world. Not sure how to see if you this is the right path for you? Consider getting first hand experience abroad on a high school medical travel program!

But why should I go abroad for this?

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High school students who go on a pre-med or public health service trip are given the chance to really understand these fields in a deeper way. Often, the protocols are different in other countries than the USA, which allows for getting more up close and personal with the medical field when you’re only in high school. Not to mention, an international service trip really allows students to get to know the people and communities they are working with in a profound way. If this is a field you are thinking about, traveling on a medical service trip is a fantastic choice!

Pre-Med vs. Public Health?

high school medical travel program - public healthMany teenagers don’t realize how broad the medical field is. It is valuable to explore the many directions you can take this type of work. Being a doctor is a huge part of the medical field. Doctors work in a variety of specialties in locations across the globe. It is a truly meaningful way to assist in the health of others; however, it is not the only way! Public Health is another valuable and important way to affect positive medical change. It is more big picture, focusing on policy, which is just as essential to affecting change. So ask yourself, ‘do I want to help with an individual’s ailment or do I want to change the way problems are treated with general populations?’ Both are necessary and both are options. Therefore, when you travel on a high school medical program, it’s important to experience  both medicine and public health.

How can Global Works give me this experience?

If this sounds up your ally, then Global Works has the perfect program for you! high school medical travel program- dentist It’s called Costa Rica: Into to Pre-Med and Public Health and you can see the itinerary here: https://www.globalworkstravel.com/adventures/costa-rica-intro-to-pre-med-public-health/. This trip dives straight into the heart of learning and experiencing medicine and public health first hand. Students get the opportunity to shadow doctors in rural clinics and urban hospitals. They also get their hands dirty with public health projects (read more about impactful service here), such as building irrigation canals or teaching healthy practices at a maternity clinic.

Costa Rica is also an amazing location to learn about these topics, since it has a universal healthcare system, allowing students to understand the many ways health care systems can function. Not to mention students get to form meaningful and unforgettable relationships with the Costa Ricans that they meet. The medical experience on this trip is both broad and worthwhile. And what’s even better is it’s not all academic. Student get real hands-on experience to see how they like the ideas of being on pre-med or doing public health tracks, not to mention fun activities like zip lining or a trip to the beach. Traveling on a medical focused high school program is an unbeatable experience, and Global Works’s Costa Rica: Intro to Pre-Med & Public Health trip is a great way to access it!