Adventure Activities

hikeLet’s get our blood pumping! Many of our programs offer adventure activities that push participants outside of their comfort zones in a safe and supportive environment. We want to challenge participants to try something new, to have fun, and to learn what they are capable of doing. Trying new things is a part of every adventure! However, adventure activities are always optional and our staff members can help offer alternative options should a student not wish to participate.

What kind of adventure are you looking for?

zipline(Please note that adventure activities may change from year to year. Give us a call if you’re looking for something specific!)

Zip-line canopy tour

Zip-line past volcanoes and through cloud forests in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico!

Whitewater Rafting

Check out our Costa Rica and France programs to get on the river!

raftingBlackwater Rafting

Yes, that’s a thing! Raft through caves in New Zealand!


Learn how to hang-ten in Costa Rica, Fiji, New Zealand, Panama, Puerto Rico!


Swim with the fishes in Fiji, Panama, Ecuador, Puerto Rico!

bikingSCUBA Diving

Get certified to SCUBA in Puerto Rico!


Hike to a mountain hut in the French Alps or go on a night hike in Costa Rica’s cloud forest!


Sea kayak in Fiji and Puerto Rico’s coastal waters!


Tour cities by bike in Panama and France!