Alternative Spring Break Abroad

Why Should I Go on an Alternative Spring Break?

community service on alternative spring breakAlternative Spring Breaks are becoming more and more popular as a way to spend that bit of free time you have off from school in the Spring. While many view Spring Break as a time to sit on the beaches of Florida, there is a trend towards a more meaningful and unforgettable experience. The Alternative Spring Break provides students with the opportunities to truly feel like they made a difference and had a positive impact on the world. It allows for students to feel that their time off from school really has value. Rather than sit on your couch watching Netflix for 10 days, get your hands dirty doing some community service!

Why Should I Go Abroad for My Alternative Spring Break?

Just because you’re not spending your entire Spring Break wearing your bikini in Mexico, doesn’t mean you can’t see alternative-spring-break-panamathe world. On an Alternative Spring Break abroad trip you can both travel AND make a difference, a win-win! Any break from school is precious time, so why not use it to it’s full advantage? International travel opens your eyes to the world around you and leaves you with lifelong memories. Community service provides you with a deep sense of satisfaction and global citizenship. So, combine that travel and service! When you travel abroad for your Alternative Spring Break, you build meaningful connections with communities and make great new friends. You learn about another culture.  You utilize very bit of your time off. And you can still have FUN! Who says you can’t swing by a beach or hop on a zip-line while you’re there? Alternative Spring Breaks really are the best of all possible worlds.

How Do I Plan My Alternative Spring Break Abroad?

alternative-spring-break-nicaraguaNow this is where things might seems tricky, but Global Works is here to help! We’ve been running these types of trips for years and know how to create the right experience for you. Global Works will provide you with a perfect balance of service, culture, and adventure. Whether you’re looking to go to Puerto Rico, Nepal, or Costa Rica, we’ve got a trip for that (not to mention 16 other destinations!). We’ve got the process dialed. We will set up an itinerary that works for you, provide a trip leader, and handle all of the logistics. All you need to do is find people to travel with you- and we can even help with that! Not to mention, most schools, colleges and universities are happy to get on board.

There is no better way to spend a Spring Break than doing community service abroad, and Global Works would be honored to help you make that happen. To start the process go HERE to get a quote!