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7 Reasons You Should Visit Peru

7 Reasons You Should Visit Peru… other than to live out your Emperor’s New Groove dream

If you’ve ever seen a photo of Inca ruins or watched one of the greatest animated films to ever grace the screen, The Emperor’s New Groove, then you too have probably wished you could visit the magical country of Peru. While these two reasons are more than enough to convince me, if you’re still on the fence, here are 7 more reasons to visit this South American gem.


Once Peru’s Inca capital, Cusco is more than the namesake for most captivating character in The Emperor’s New Groove. Cusco is a goldmine of Peruvian history and culture. With the ancient ruins and breathtaking views of Machu Picchu, you do not want to skip it!

An aerial view of Inca ruins in Cusco, Peru.


Peruvian Cuisine

From ceviche to picarones, you can’t lose when it comes to Peruvian cuisine. While some of the local foods may seem foreign to a Western’s palette (see: cuy chactado, or deep-fried guinea pig), other staples like quinoa, are not only authentic but arguably the best when in Peru. Stay tuned for a Peruvian Food Guide!

A plate of several picarones. Doughnut like pastries with powered sugar on top.


Beach, Mountain, and Jungle

Peru has is all – pristine beaches, trek worthy mountains, and lush jungle. The Amazons are home to a mind boggling amount of flora and wildlife. No matter what kind of scenery you’re looking for, you can find it here.

Lush green rain forest with several white birds flying away


Spiritual Awakening
People from around the world flock to Peru because of its mystical energy. Even if you don’t believe in ancient shaman wisdom, you’re sure to experience a spiritual awakening atop one of Peru’s gorgeous mountains.

grassy terraced hills of the Sacred Valley in Peru terraced hills of Sacred Valley in Peru


It’s Easy on the Wallet

Peru is known to be a hot-spot for backpackers and budget conscious travelers. Street food is delicious and affordable, most hiking trails are free, and sparking up a conversation with a local will cost you nothing! There’s a million ways to enjoy Peru while being kind to your bank account.


The Locals

When you #TravelWithPurpose, you meet the locals and learn from their culture. Connecting with indigenous communities should definitely be on your bucket list when you visit Peru. At the very least, swing by an outdoor market and purchase some artisan goods.

native Peruvian woman in traditional colorful dress


Alpacas… obviously

Who doesn’t love these little guys? They’re cute, cuddly, and a quintessential part of Peruvian culture. Be sure to stop by an Alpaca farm and get the scoop on their important role in the country while getting some Instagram worthy shots.

Alpaca running towards camera with sun behind it


Can’t wait to book your flight but don’t want to plan the trip yourself? We get it. We offer a program where you explore Peru while connecting with local communities to create some good. Check out the details here!