Code of Conduct

Global Works requires that participants conduct themselves in a safe and respectful manner. The following cases may be cause for dismissal from the program: 

  • Unsafe behavior, including but not limited to: failure to use seat belts, life jackets, or other safety equipment. 
  • Behavior that is destructive, abusive, violent, or injurious to others, including but not limited to: harassment, bullying, theft, vandalism, or chronic defiance of rules and regulations.
  • Exclusive relationships or sexual activity.
    • Sexual relationships (defined as sexual intercourse; oral sex; or lying together naked) are strictly prohibited for participants while participating on a Global Works trip.  Exclusive and/or romantic relationships between Global Works participants and local community members are prohibited. Exclusive and/or romantic relationships between Global Works participants are pro-actively discouraged and managed by the staff.
  • Unauthorized absence from the group or failure to abide by curfews and/or other set expectations for behavior.
  • Possession or use of any weapons, non-prescribed drugs, nicotine products (including vaping devices), narcotics, or alcoholic beverages.
  • Body alteration including body piercings and tattoos.

It is Global Works’ policy that students remain in their rooms for the duration of the night once leaders have instructed them to do so. By violating this policy (i.e. sneaking out of your room at night), you put yourselves and others at risk and this is grounds for dismissal from the program. Each night participants are informed of the time of curfew, as well as when they will get a wake-up call the next morning. For health reasons, we allow for and encourage eight hours of sleep a night for students, whenever possible.

Global Works reserves the right to send a participant home early from a program if they pose a risk to themself or others. This may include a safety concern, medical risk, mental health crisis, being unduly disruptive, or otherwise conducting themself in a manner detrimental to the program. If early dismissal occurs, parents/guardians will be required to work with Global Works to arrange the participant’s travel home. No refund will be given for a dismissed participant, and all incurred travel costs will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. In cases of early dismissal or withdrawal, accompaniment by a Global Works leader on the flight home will not be possible; however, Global Works will attempt to arrange for the participant to be treated as an unaccompanied minor by the airline, at the parent’s/guardian’s request.