College Credits

Introduction to Global Studies, WEST 2900

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS)

Earn college credit on your Global Works trip! This course is only open to high school students registered for a travel course for a minimum of two weeks. Minimum age: 16 years old; Maximum age: summer after 12th grade.
computersParticipating in a travel course is a unique opportunity to experience first-hand another culture. It is also an amazing opportunity for learning! “Introduction to Global Studies” is a Women’s and Ethical Studies 2900 course, designed to supplement your travel program and take your learning even further. The requirements for this course will be completed independently by each student and submitted, via email, after completion of your Global Works program. The readings and assignments are designed to allow students to reflect upon the experience, complete readings that provide a firm foundation for understanding global studies as a field, integrate new knowledge you learn from the readings with your experience in the travel program, and synthesize that knowledge into a written product.

To Register for the Course:

  • For academic credit, students must register for the course with the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.
  • Registration for the three-credit academic course is: $486.
  • The credits can be transferred to most colleges and universities as elective credits.
  • readingStudents must register separately on a Global Works program to participate in the UCCS course.
  • The course is only open to high school students between 16 years of age to newly graduated high school seniors.  Participants must be traveling with Global Work for two weeks or more.
  • Registration Deadline for Spring 2016 Travelers: March 17, 2016

Registration Instructions & Course Information: